The Firm

Bergamasco & Associati was established in 2004 on the initiative of the founding partners, Vincenzo Bergamasco and Fabio Fugazza, with the subsequent entry in 2015 of Marco Alessio Granata in the role of partner as well, carrying on an established professional activity started in 1985 by Filippo Maria Granata, ranked among the leading Italian experts in the leasing contract, who has given a fundamental contribution to its popularization. Thanks to the vast experience of its professionals, the Firm, a historic trustee of several leasing companies and credit institutions, is able to offer qualified services ranging from judicial litigation to out-of-court advice in the field of civil law, with solutions targeted to the specific needs of the Client. The legal assistance offered by the Firm is highly specialized, with a particular focus on financial leasing, banking law, credit recovery, NPL management and bankruptcy proceedings. The choice to focus mainly on these matters was dictated by the desire to create a structure of professionals who are constantly updated on legislative innovations and the different court trends and, therefore, able to provide a timely and exhaustive response to the Client’s needs. As a consequence of this choice, the Firm has in the same way developed over the years stable relationships of collaboration and synergy with professionals in different fields such as administrative, criminal and tax law aimed at offering the best assistance services where cross and integrated skills are required. The Firm also makes use of a wide and well-established network of correspondents and trustees throughout Italy.

Always at the forefront of technological tools, the Firm, from the early 1990s, turned to a team of computer engineers who developed and constantly updated a programme suitable for optimizing productivity in the massive management of credits, which then became the basis for the main management software adopted by major banking groups and leasing companies. Thanks to the development of these skills, the Firm was also identified, at the dawn of telematic civil process, among the so-called “Experimenters” to test the functionality of the PCT, now used by all Italian lawyers. Aware of the growing importance of IT tools, the Firm makes use of the most advanced computer and electronic devices for connection to courts and online consultation of legal databases. It has a modern videoconferencing system for organizing meetings and taking part in hearings remotely.